We had Sam & Naomi talk to the club and present us with a 'P' plate from the lasted print run. Showing the Rotary Logo. Please read below and email received from Tim Nolan, secretary of TRAG.
(I have added the date of presentations to our events list. Could I encourage members to attend)
see Sam's presentation here Sam Howe
Good Morning Linda,
Thank you so much for having Sam Howe and Naomi McMaster attend your last meeting on May 15th to update you on the production and distribution of the Red Message “P” plate and to formally thank you all for your contribution to this important project.
Please accept my personal thanks for your support and most generous contribution.
Naomi mentioned that she did not have the current schedule of our upcoming presentations on hand at the meeting and has asked if I can send them to you so that if any of your members should wish to attend they can see which date and session would be most suitable for them, they would be most welcome. If they could let our Project manager, Cindy Last ( tragproject@gmail.com ) know they intend to come and which session, that would be most appreciated.
Thanks you once again,
Kind regards,
Tim Nolan
Timothy Nolan
Teenagers Road Accident Group - TRAG
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